A Smarter Way To Manage Learning

Online Learning is a smarter way of managing education and compliance regulations. An easy to use, affordable and instantly deployable Learning Managing System reduces admin and puts compliance and outcomes at the forefront. Students can readily access their own training courses 24/7 from inside or outside of work and their records are portable. You will get to know what your people are really learning and improve learner engagement.

Easily Manage Your Learners

1 Learner or 1 million... You will be able to train and manage them with ease.

Automatic Record Keeping

All learning data is updated in real time and stored in the Cloud. Ready for you to access from anywhere.

Personalized Accounts

A training account that will never expire. Keep records of the training that you have completed and know which courses you need next.

Cloud LMS, Instant Training, No Headaches

100% Cloud-based. Access the LMS from any computer, smart phone or tablet at anytime.

Useful Reports

Our online management system instantly updates you, providing the training data you need to know and allowing you to search the database anytime.

Constant Monitoring

We are constantly monitoring our courses and content to make sure everything is working and up to date.

Fail Proof

Each test component requires participants to achieve 100%. Those who fail are re-challenged to take a new test with different questions.

Help & Support

Ongoing support and guidance is provided. You are never alone.

Cost Effective

Our pay-per-participant model ensures that training remains cost effective, whether you train one person or a large group.


Certificates are ready to print as soon as the participant completes their course. Both participants and administrators can print the certificates.

No Barriers

No geographic limitations, no travelling involved, no classroom scheduling to worry about, and no time away from work.

Interactive Activities

Who says learning can't be fun? With 98% of Internet-enabled computers using Flash or HTML5, it's the perfect platform for delivering interactive media that's educational and engaging.