Language: English, French

Workshop Duration: 3-4 hours


Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of workshop completion and 3 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Professional Development (PD) Points (if applicable).


Physical activity is a lot more fun when you are physically literate. Now more than ever, physical literacy is being recognized as an important component of best practices in the sport, recreation, health and education sectors within Canada. Unfortunately, not everyone knows or understands exactly what physical literacy is.


The goal of the Introduction to Physical Literacy workshop is to cover a broad introduction to the concept of physical literacy. During this workshop, you will take part in an interactive session that will help you to define exactly what physical literacy means, and how you can integrate its concepts to improve your programs. We will touch on the Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth (PLAY) tools and show you how these can be used to track development of physical literacy skills to help participants improve where needed. You will leave with a solid understanding of what physical literacy is and knowledge of how you can encourage continual improvement and development of physical literacy skills across the lifespan.


Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the definitions of physical literacy.
  • Describe the components of physical literacy.
  • Discuss the role that physical literacy plays in health.
  • Identify the factors that can improve physical literacy.
  • Recognize your role in supporting the development of physical literacy.
  • Examine the physical literacy assessment tools.
  • Identify various tools and resources that can assist with developing physical literacy.


This workshop can be delivered in person or virtually. 


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